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"Meltyden Stud"
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Meltyden Stud was established by Karen & Tony Fenwick in 1999 and is located in the Great Lakes Shire approximately an hour North of Newcastle NSW Australia. The 2,500 acre property overlooks the picturesque Myall Lakes and Broughton Island. 

Meltyden is a small stud and is concentrating on quality, structure and temperament. We have chosen Limflex cattle for their temperament and natural softness, are easy doing, have structural correctness, reproductive soundness, calving ease, good depth of body as well as the ability to retain yield. By joining purebred Limousin bulls to Angus cows to produce Lim-Flex calves. Lim-Flex females will be easy calving, good doers with plenty of milk and longevity.
We are thrilled on what our quality Angus heifers and exceptional Limousin bulls have produced. Please visit or sales page for any upcoming stock.

We are also breeders of miniature horses, we believe soundness, conformation and temperament go hand-in-hand and this is what we have based our breeding on.
Our older mares have now retired to live out there day , we are strong believers in taking care of the horses we purchase until their time comes where they cross the rainbows bridge. We are also very selective on any sales for our young, what is most important to us is their care and quality of life.

Please also visit our poultry page, we breed quality white leghorns, golden laced Wyandotte’s and Ancona. We will be expanding our poultry in the near future. Currently we do not sell fertile eggs, all our sales are chicks, point of lay hens and quality breeding roosters.

All our young animals are handled from birth which allows the human animal bonding and trust that should be 100% a priority for all breeders no matter what animal they breed.  

We hope you enjoy our website and follow us on our journey.

Karen & Tony

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